About Us
The CASA-DI-PIZZA has been owned and operated by the Jacobbi family since 1953
In the beginning....

In 1953, with $200,000 cash and a loan for $1,000 from my family, I quit my job as a window trimmer with Frankfort Distillers, to go into the pizza business. At that time, I was often asked, "What is pizza?". 90% of the public had a little knowledge of such a good. The majority of the stores on Elmwood Avenue were vacant, so I opened my business around the corner from the Children's Hospital. 

There were many times when I thought I had made a mistake. With myself, one waitress, and a cook, it was always a 15 hour day. Until pizza became popular, there were many times when I thought I would have to close my doors and pursue another career. I would purposely vent my ovens on the street side so the aroma from the food could be smelled all the way up the street. With the help of the young school kids and the movie theater up the street, the business started to take hold. 

There is never a week that goes by without someone from the past asking where the original pizza store was. We now have our business in an area which was originally five different stores. 

With the help of my family and sons, the Casa di Pizza is what you see today. 

Joe, Sr. 

Photo Credits: SeekAxiom
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